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We’re happy to be clients and we look forward to working with Keystone in building our investment portfolio with a sound tax strategy going forward.

Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Brandon Turner | on .
I have been so pleased with the work Amanda and the Keystone team have done for my real estate business this year. Not only did they discover a mistake my previous CPA had made that could have cost me $10,000, Amanda personally helped me through the process of fixing the error and getting back on the right track, saving me both time and stress. I recommend Amanda to all of my friends in real estate because I know how hard it is to find someone to trust - and Amanda is definitely that person.
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Pyrrha on .
I am just starting out in the REI world and having Amanda to talk to has been extremely helpful and reassuring. She has been extremely accommodating of the fact that due to my living abroad scheduling calls is quite difficult. The team has been very responsive and prompt to schedule consultations. Amanda was very gentle in steering me away from a bad business venture I was excitedly planning to accept and provided suggestions for restructuring the deal. She’s already saved me lots of money and it’s not even tax time! I appreciate how easy she is to talk with and how she is able to simplify the explanations of complex concepts.
Pyrrha Rivers
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Albert Bui on .
I’ve worked with Amanda and Matt and they are great. Its refreshing to be in cooperation with an organization that values their clients with highly attentive service, their team members, and volunteers their time to worthy causes in the community as well.

There are many accountants who are experts in taxation, but knowing the code is just the science part of it. It takes a fine combination of art and science to be effective at really listening to a clients life style, scenario, work, and hobbies to marry these to the legally tax saving strategies available. The art and creativity of it is the element they have is that separates them from the competition!

Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Carolyn Lorence on .
Amanda was incredibly helpful in our consultation session, and the consummate professional. We were looking for guidance to begin our REI business, and since we don’t yet own any properties, Amanda walked us through a few financing and tax strategy scenarios to help clarify our starting point. She simplified what I thought would be a complicated process of entity structure, and encouraged us to move ahead with our property search first, before engaging Keystone as our business partner. She saved us money already by keeping our best interest in mind. Knowledgeable, professional, ethical and a pleasure to talk with! We will come back to Amanda when we start to build our portfolio.

Carolyn and Jim Lorence Round Rock, TX

Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Elaine and David on .
This is our first year working with Amanda and it is a great experience. They are prompt, helpful and comes up with solutions. Their knowledge in dealing with real estate investors are a great plus! Thank you!!
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Jessica C. on .
Matt and Amanda truly had their work cut out for them with our taxes, but they handled everything quickly, promptly, and professionally. I think Keystone is the best experience you can have for taxes. You two are my heroes! True Tax Magicians :) Thank you so much for all your help.
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Ali Boone on .
I love these guys. I’ve been using Matt and Amanda for my taxes for a few years now and I’ve never even considered going with anyone else. They are so easy to work with, always get me amazing returns, very responsive and they never seem phased by any seemingly-dumb questions I might ask. I work in real estate and talk to a lot of investors every day and I have recommended Keystone to several of them anytime they’ve asked about finding an accountant.

Ali Boone Hipster Investments

Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Ryan H on .
It has been a pleasure to work with Amanda and Keystone. The promptness and responsiveness is much better than I’ve experienced with other CPA firms. I look forward to a continued relationship with them into the foreseeable future.
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by David Diaz on .
Amanda and her team are the best! She’s very knowledgeable and has great ideas that come in handy with my taxes when ever I have some different curve balls to throw. She’s referred me to people that have helped my real estate career and knowledge. I think her services are price less based on the IDEAS and PATHS she lead me to. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  • David D. Musician and Mortgage Broker
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Eric S. on .
I wouldn’t recommend anyone else other than Keystone. I am always amazed at their professionalism and willingness to answer my questions or keep me updated on what is happening with my person and business taxes. Looking forward to continuing being a client for years to come.
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by B. Walker, Consultant & Investor on .
Have you ever started your own business and felt like you got in over your head, wondering what tax advantages you might be missing, or needed retirement advice, real estate tax advice, or wondered if you were making prudent business decisions? Well I have been (or at least was), and fortunately I was referred to Keystone CPA by some very savvy real estate investor friends. I was lucky because Matt and Amanda set me straight, helped me plan, and made things easy to understand. Give them a try, you’ll sleep better at night.. now I do ;)
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Michael R. on .
The Keystone CPA team has been awesome to work with. They are diligent, professional and knowledgeable. What’s made my experience unique is the educational and informational aspect of taxes that Keystone provides because it’s important to know why things are done a certain way.
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Juan Carlos / Spinnaker Investments on .
Keystone is a great organization and they are a great asset for our business. Our business invests in flip, rentals and we also originate hard money loans and Keystone has helped us organize and mix all our entities for the best possible tax strategy. Its great to be able to run our ideas with Matt and Amanda.
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Mike on .
Working with Amanda and Matt has been a great experience. My partners and I sleep easy knowing that our accounting and tax needs are in the hands of such knowledgeable professionals.

The team at Keystone CPA has truly earned our business and referrals. We are looking forward to a long term working relationship with them as a crucial component of our business and personal investment team.

Mike Lofstedt Near & Far Real Estate

Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by jianghua on .
Amanda is so easy to work with, and she answers my email very promptlly. Good custome service!


Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Mauny Tabar on .
We have had the pleasure of working with Amanda and her team for the last 6 months. We have been impressed with the prompt communication, tax planning and advice based on latest regulation and the highly personalized service we have received. We are pleased and grateful so far and strongly recommend them as a strong tax partner.

Mauny Tabar & Neema Tabar Partners at Rooted Capital Companies

Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Paul Timmins on .
I have the pleasure of working with Amanda and Matt for the past seven years.

I have the highest regard for the quality of their work and have been educated by them each year on the New Tax Changes and the tactical approaches to Real Estate Investing with the best Entity Structuring.

If you want the best of the best I suggest you get Amanda and Matt on your team today.

Paul Timmins Creative Success Alliance

Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by JenniferL on .
Amanda and her team are wonderful and they have made my transition to a new firm seamless. They are quick to respond and will go out of their way to go the extra mile. I am very impressed with their services and am grateful to have found them. I highly recommend their services!
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Nancy H. on .
I made much more money in 2012 than in 2011 and you STILL got me paying $2-3,000 less in taxes. I am truly grateful.
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Kevin on .
I had Amanda and her team did my personal and business taxes and to my great surprise saved me more in taxes than I had expected. I am still in shock! Thank you for your help! You guys are terrific! I will surely use you guys again!
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by JC on .
It was quick and easy working with Matt and his team. They were very professional and made filing my taxes quick and painless, plus they saved me a bunch of Money.
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Kevin Weeks on .
Best tax people I’ve ever worked with.

Kevin Weeks Owner Semanas Properties LLC

Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Joe A. on .
I have only been working with Keystone for the past few months and already see the advantage of having them as a part of my team! The advise and insight I have received thus far exceeds anything I have received in the past. I am looking forward to a long term working relationship!
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Gena Lofton on .
I am a seasoned real estate investor as well as an Executive at a local Entertainment Company. Amanda and Keystone has made my life so much easier and has always been accessible to answer any questions throughout the year to minimize my taxes going forward. They do NOT nickle and dime me for every little question which I need answered and are extremely responsive.
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by John &Sunny Rodgers on .
We have worked with many CPA,s and accounting firms over the years not only for our personal returns but for several different business solutions from our restaurant to real estate investments and Amanda and Matt along with there team are by far the most knowledgeable and helpful group we have had the pleasure of doing business with.

Most importantly they are great people who are truly looking out for your best interest in regards to your tax strategies and wealth creation. Hire them today!

John & Sunny Rodgers Zendo Peak Investment Group

Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Warren S on .
I have been working With Amanda and her team for about a month. Everyone is very friendly; extremely professional, and directed me in the right direction for my new business.

Can’t wait for the next phone meeting :)


Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Ben P. on .
I own a consulting business and have been working with Keystone CPA for several years, and they’ve been fantastic. One of the things I truly appreciate is their responsiveness to my calls and emails, which is essential when needing quick answers. They also immediately identified ways to save me thousands in taxes when I first signed on with them, which of course is fantastic. I definitely recommend their services!
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by ConnieF on .
Amanda and Matt are outstanding. They reviewed the work of our previous CPA and found a number of errors which resulted in us getting a substantial refunding. Well worth every penny of their fee. I highly recommend them.
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Cynthia Schember Warm Springs Investment Group on .
It has been wonderful to work with Keystone, a growing, successful, and responsive company with industry specific knowledge to help our real estate investment company to thrive.
Rating: 4
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Mark Baumann, President Silver Cert Inc on .
Keystone did a fantastic job on our personal and business taxes. We have purchased and sold several million dollars in real estate and they were able to make sense out of mountains of data… We highly recommend Keystone for all your CPA needs. Thank you!
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Todd Jacobs on .
Amanda, Matt & the team at Keystone are the best. They have made this young, novice real estate investor a true believer that a good CPA can make all the difference when it comes to saving and thinking strategically about your taxes. I look forward to working with them for many years to come and recommend them to anyone looking to maximize their wealth.
Rating: 4
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Mir on .
Amanda and her team at Keystone CPA’s exceeded all my expectations for CPA help with tax filing. Her team’s work in my opinion sets the gold standard for this profession, when it comes to providing tax advise and preparation for small business owners like me. Mir Shuttari MD
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Eric W on .
Keystone (We work directly with Amanda) is an amazing CPA to work with as a new investor. You need a CPA who is not just going to ask you for receipts and numbers but to actually figure out how to best work with your current investments, work situation and income so that you can get the most out of your tax return.

I find that Amanda has done more then just file my taxes as I’m able to speak with her before I make any major purchase in life albeit a home, a car, a rental property or IRA/401k deposits.

Last year was the first year we used Keystone and I doubt we’ll be working with anyone else in the years to come. It’s worth a meeting a minimum…

Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Jon on .
Great insights and very thorough with recommendations and suggestions. Thumbs up for the Keystone team!
Rating: 4
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Mike K on .
Knowledgeable, accessible, and personable. Keystone was there to answer all of my commercial real estate and tax planning questions accurately and promptly. An absolute pleasure to do business with.
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Andrew Lanoie on .
Finally…..I found one! An amazing CPA firm who are strategic, proactive and incredibly easy to work with. They are fantastic, and I trust them implicitly – which I don’t often say!
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by ramesh on .
We have been running a distribution company for over 15 years with a few different entities. Within the last 6 years we have had about four different large CPA firms before we became clients of Keystone. I found them to be very direct and great about answering any of my questions. Since we have transitioned over to Keystone, they have advised us on the different opportunities available especially in regards to property. There company online access portals made it very easy for our accounting staff to communicate with them. I recently hired Keystone to Amend an incorrect personal return. They corrected the mistake and found further mistakes that my earlier accountant had made. It made quite a difference. They made the corrections and filed the return in less than a month. Now every time I email them I thank them for it.
I feel confident in having Keystone as our CPAs.

I’m going to give them “4” starts because I’m a cynic and most things are too good to be true. But, if they keep it up I’ll give them “5” after this next return is filed.

Rating: 4
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Gabriel, Prestige Investment Group on .
I am the founder of Prestige Investment Group,( and working with Keystone has been GREAT! I can’t express how good it feels to have a CPA sit down with you and take the time to break your business down and strategize with you on creative ways to maximize your gains and deductions. I would HIGHLY recommend Keystone to any real estate professional who needs a top of the line CPA that can give you a customized plan fit for YOUR company, and not just a zombie who puts in some information on your tax returns and files it at the end of the year. They are AWESOME!!!
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Marissa Lau on .
Thank you so much for your help in getting all my amended returns done so quickly. I had a very favorable experience with you and your firm. Thank you for finding the errors from my last tax preparer and getting me a refund for 2009 of over $5,300. I really appreciate your great professionalism and accountability - no false hopes. I will recommend you and your company to my friends and other fellow investors.
Rating: 4
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Candelario Gomez, Cande Home Solutions, LLC on .
I am pleased of the results in my 2010 taxes. I was told before that I was going to pay $40,000 for all the money that I pulled out of my IRA and instead I received a refund! The difference was huge!

Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Dr. Miluna Fausch on .
Finally, I have a team of tax advisors who are very proactive in working with me and give me scenarios not just on tax but on business ideas as well. I am very busy running my business so it is important to me that Keystone CPA is very quick to respond and they are always available which is invaluable for me. If you are looking for brilliant team to help you with your business and who are easy to work with, I would highly recommend them!
Rating: 4
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Kaaren Hall, uDirect IRA Services on .
Keystone CPA is my tax advisors. I always tell my clients that you need a great CPA when you are investing. You need someone who understands the tax laws and helps you understand what’s next, how to plan for retirement, and how to take advantage of the tax changes. I recommend all my clients to Keystone CPA and I tell them to get great advice if they are serious about growing their wealth.
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Colony Partners, LP on .
The first few months of working with Keystone CPA, they reviewed our old tax returns and found $12,195 of tax refunds for us! Then they sat down with us a developed a strategy and roadmap to help us with our tax savings and our investing plans. They are passionate about what they do and are proactive in their tax planning and we just really enjoy working with them!
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Marguerite DeSelms, E&M Freedom Enterprises, Inc. on .
I love working with Matt and Amanda of Keystone CPA. They helped me to get over $20,000 back last year and I have never received such great services from any CPA I have worked with in the past. I love working with their team and I highly recommend them!
Rating: 5
Keystone CPA, Inc. - Reviewed by Iris Veneracion on .
I am the Co-Founder of Invest Club for Women and the owner of several different businesses. Something very important for me was I needed to work with someone who was not just a CPA but who were business owners and real estate investors themselves. After working with so many different people over the years, I finally found my ideal advisor team in Keystone CPA. They not only understand the numbers but they also understand and help me with the growth of my business and my investments and I love them for that reason. In the first year of working with Keystone CPA, they helped me to get a tax refund of $11,145. Since then, they have taken some of our problematic situations and turned them around and simplified our lives.
Rating: 5