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Pete Waller - WSI - West Sussex - Reviewed by Katalin on .
Pete has delivered over and above. He thoroughly assessed my website and suggested changes that would drive more traffic to it. He looked at the digital marketing tools I have been using, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn and helped me enhance my social media presence. He took me through systematically the maze of Google Analytics and Twitter and created fantastic graphics for my Google+ and Facebook pages. I recommend Pete to any business that is looking for more exposure. Katalin Swann 4H Empowerment Coaching
Rating: 5
Pete Waller - WSI - West Sussex - Reviewed by Stuart on .
Great meeting loads of ideas and work to help on website
Rating: 5
Pete Waller - WSI - West Sussex - Reviewed by Sushma Windsor on .
Pete Waller has been instrumental in getting my business familiar with digital marketing. His enthusiasm of helping a small business grow has been second to none. We frequently find he will go out of his way to help with innovative ideas and tailor it to the business needs, which is very refreshing compared to getting the 'same old text book language and suggestions'. Huge thanks again to Pete.
Rating: 5
Pete Waller - WSI - West Sussex - Reviewed by Gill on .
Your knowledge and service has helped my business greatly with digital marketing, something I took for granted and knew very little about before our introduction. By generating interest, more people now visit my site and Pete is getting the world to know about Gill Pike florist - in a very very small amount of time I am beginning to reap the benefits of Pate's work. I feel I have another team member alongside me now, Pete is never far away, always on the end of the phone with advice and support, even in the evening and at weekends, while I have had issues with my former web designer. I will continue to work with Pete and I strongly recommend his work to everyone and get to know how Pete will be able to help with digitally marketing your business. Thanks again Pete Your sincerely Gill Pike
Rating: 5
Pete Waller - WSI - West Sussex - Reviewed by Dan on .
We are only a small growing buisness but the amazing help & attention we get from WSI is spot on every time, no qustion about are marketing is ever to big or to small for WSI to answer & help with. WSI are always happy to help every time with are marketing, & just when we at Kingdom keys think we have run out of ideas to promote are self's WSI have them every time. as far as a five star rating goes it needs to be higher for Pete Waller & his team at WSI. so on closing i want to say from my self & everyone from Kingdom keys Locksmiths a big thank you for the hard work & effort that is put in to are markering every day :-)
Rating: 5